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Music And The Technology It Powers

BossRoss.com (formerly NEKST) focuses on the evolving role of songwriters, publishers and intellectual property in today’s music industry environment.

NEKST Publisher, David M. Ross

Publisher, David M. Ross

Our positioning statement wasn’t discovered on the side of a cereal box. It’s carefully crafted and hopefully says something about our point of view—Music And The Technology It Powers.

We love songs. When a great lyric and melody get properly paired, magic happens. Emotions are unleashed and listeners get engaged. Actually, that equation is not a product of the digital age, it’s been going on for generations.

But the digital age has had, and is having, a profound effect on music industry economics. We have opinions and will express them as such, but most importantly our mission is to provide a thoughtful community forum for doers, thinkers and entrepreneurs to raise issues, debate ideas and hopefully find answers. We are based in Nashville, but our coverage will encompass the U.S. and beyond.

BossRoss.com began as NEKST in July 2013. We’ve presented smart interviews and impactful articles about digital issues, artist development and copyright concerns plus created the first—and only—Country Songwriter Chart Already proved a hit idea. In Oct 2018 the site was rebranded to BossRoss.com and the Songwriter chart was transferred to MusicRow.com.

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There are big challenges ahead, but together we’ll find our way…. thanks so much for your support…

David M. Ross, Publisher

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